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Amy McCae
Certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher;
Health Expert, and Speaker

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Amy McCae


"Amy is a person that I would characterize as immensely moral and amazingly determined-no task is to much and no obstacle is to large for her. I admire her drive and her constant search to improve her knowledge and skills to take them to another level-her passion for learning is infectious. I am honored to know her-she has been a tremendous influence in my life.

Farnaz Badie
President and Founder- The Thought Bubble LLC

"When I first started working with Amy I was overwhelmed and frustrated. We had a very productive and successful clinic but something was missing. Even though we were hitting goals, happiness and the ability relax and just be never seemed to be achievable.
After working with Amy things started to click! Not only did my goals become easier to achieve but our focus and direction became clear and efficient!
I would say we've always had a few pieces to the puzzle that were missing. We didn't even know it! Amy was able to help us organize all the pieces and plug-in the missing ones AND enjoy life and work while doing it! Thanks Amy for the headspace, focus, and results!

Dr. Chad Steksal

"Amy McCae is a dedicated professional, but she is much more that. She has a great spirit that comes through immediately when you meet her from her tremendous positive energy.
I came to her with what seemed like a very difficult problem without a solution. She showed me how to focus on the positive, and not on all the things that take me in a negative direction. I was able to figure out what I really wanted and then a plan to get there.
Amy has a wide range of knowledge and experience. She gave me several meditation techniques that have helped me considerably. She is very intuitive and understands what will help me specifically. She personalizes techniques so that they will be the greatest benefit.
One of the most important things I appreciate about Amy is that she is genuinely concerned about helping me. Her passion is rare, and I feel lucky to have met her.

Offutt Air Force Base/ Stratcom

"Amy McCae is a great motivator and positive influence providing the foundation for creative thinking. She facilitates her groups and allows free flow of thoughts while keeping the group on task. I plan to continue to engage in her services and endeavors.

Edie Spencer

"Amy is a knowledgeable, responsive business woman who is constantly improving her practice and keeping up on timely information relative to her services. Her expertise often shines in her public speaking and training. I give her a strong recommendation to any company interested in the physical/mental health of their employees.

Dan Lombardo
Senior Account Executive Lamar Advertising

"Amy is very dedicated to her work. I enjoyed the time I spent training with her.

Mary Siahpush

"Amy has a likable quality that makes you listen to her as she shares her knowledge on wellness. She is easy to talk to and takes genuine interest in finding resources or ways to help you reach your wellness potential. Besides all that, she is just a nice person! I'd recommend Amy to anyone looking to find ways to feel better whether it be physically or emotionally.

Anita Lewandowski
Co-Owner Mirrored Windows

"Amy McCae, Wellness and Lifestyle Coach, did a class about meditation for Peace and Power Counseling. Amy did a wonderful job making meditation accessible. It was a great presentation that really fit into our goal of improving self care for our clients. I recommend Amy McCae and Creative Wellness as a great source for learning about the mind-body connection!

Gina Fricke
Owner Peace and Power Counseling

"Our work with Amy has been wonderful from the start. She is very professional, yet easy to talk to and willing to help however possible. We had all 42 of our salon managers in town for a 2 day event and Amy presented her "5 A's to Self-Empowerment" on one of the days. She speaks with confidence and has an ability to relate to everyone. Amy is clearly passionate about her work. It is evident that she stays up to date on all current research regarding her field. Amy's expertise was truly beneficial for our people and helping them become more successful professionally and personally.

Jessica Cottingham
The Barnes Group

"I wanted to thank you for the amazing Reiki session I had with you tonight. The energy you gave me lifted my spirits, made me feel amazing, and recharged everything I needed recharged. I loved the fact that you went with what you felt and your energy was truly amazing. I have had Reiki at least 10 times and this session was one of the rare ones where I felt the energy coming strong and pure. I feel truly blessed to have been able to share energy with someone so gifted, sweet, and pure. My body feels alive, relaxed, calm, peaceful, recharged, and cleansed. I am forever grateful for the blessing you gave me tonight.

Charity Midkiff Hathaway

"Thank you for the distance healing. I truly appreciate it and am blown away by how spot on you are with everything. Everything you said totally resonates with me. I think you are truly amazing. Thank you."

Irene Jenkins
New South Wales, Australia

"Amy helped me realize that achieving well being requires a holistic approach. It encompasses spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, and nutrition. Before working with her, I primarily focused on calories in verses calories-out. Although I did achieve some weight loss goals with my approach, I was still very stressed and unable to celebrate what I had already achieved. Amy showed me how and why being stressed out was counter- productive to my health and weight goals. She is very knowledgeable and brings tremendous positive energy to her clients. I highly recommend her.

Life Coaching, Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching Client

"Amy was fantastic to work with in helping me understand some of the primary motivators and underlying values that have assisted me in organizing a better path forward in not only my professional life but personal as well. She does a great job bringing to light and emphasizing key areas of your personality and character qualities that fit best into a plan of success, and outlining ways to make the pursuit achievable and practical. I'd definitely recommend Amy for anyone looking for help in personal, professional and business coaching and even mentoring.

Michale Haller Proprietor and Business Owner
Life Coaching

Requested Testimonial- even have a card with 20+ thank you and this was the email reply:

"I listened to your voice on that most recent email you sent and it made me miss your wonderful heart! I sort of forgot about writing something for you. I hope this is good. I could write so much more but had to make myself just stop!
You're awesome!

"I was searching online for a speaker in the Omaha area regarding "Mindfulness" for a women's retreat. Immediately, Amy's picture and name popped up. I contacted her and asked if she would be willing to come speak to a group of approximately 20 women. She agreed.
I am SO THANKFUL she did! Amy presented mindfulness and how to reduce our stress levels by using simple meditation techniques. This new way of knowing how to stand back, take a breath and take on the stressor will come in so handy with the level of stress harvest and agriculture involves.
Amy is an amazing woman! She's caring and easy to have around your group. I would highly recommend her for any sort of audienceā€¦large and small! You will not regret getting to know her and what she has to offer.

Tracy Zeorian

"As a life coach, Amy is intuitive and fun! (Trust me, the fun is important when you are doing this type of work). She will make you consider things you have never thought about before, which is a good thing! I was already open-minded and self-aware, but Amy made me realize some limiting beliefs that were holding me back. Each session is tailored to the individual, so your experience will be unique. If you remain focused and work with Amy, you will emerge from the experience a more self-aware person, which will help you on your path. Amy is a fantastic guide, which is what a life coach is supposed to be. By the way, if she gives you homework, do it... It is all an investment in yourself!

Monique Orrante
Life Coaching Client

"Dear Amy; Please consider this letter a special "Thank you!" for all that you have done in helping my husband, Calvin, and I with our quest for living healthy.
We embarked on our journey for healthier living because we were so fed up with being tired all the time. Especially Calvin, he would come home from work and sit in his chair with a magazine, he simply had nothing left to give. I suffered from frequent headaches and often felt dazed and foggy, my solution for both was to increase my intake of caffeine. We knew that we were too young to feel as old as we did.
Now, 3 months after your help with the modified elimination diet, we are different people! Calvin comes home with energy to spare. He helps me fix supper, plays with our children, and has completed several projects around the house that has been untouched for years. More than that, his Irritable Bowel Syndrome, for which he suffered extensive medical testing, is gone! He had also been prescribed an expensive daily heartburn medication: the bottle hasn't been touched since last December. My headaches are gone, my energy level has increased dramatically, and I am a happier person. An unforeseen benefit has been the awareness our children now have of good foods. They know more at 3 and 5 than I did as an adult! Amy, we feel better, we live better, and we are better parents because of your help and guidance. Your willingness to share your experiences and sources of wholesome foods was invaluable, as was your support. Changing ones lifestyle in the interest of better health takes a huge commitment, one that you helped us hold onto. It was easy to feel overwhelmed at first at the beginning, reading labels, learning about nutrition, and learning where to buy items. We learned so much from you, thank you!

Jackie Chipperfield

"Hi Amy, Thanks for having the meeting today at the library. I thought it was a good one! I have been so inwardly focused as of late that I had to make some extra effort to get myself out to the meeting today. As I shared today, with my recent failed attempt to relocate, along with everything else that has ensued in my life surrounding and after that, I have really found myself having that "desert experience" that I referenced. I've had desert experiences before, but it has been a long time! Today's meeting gave me the opportunity to shift my focus outward for a change, so thank you for making that possible! I think I did the right thing for me in coming back to Omaha. While I am indeed going through a lot of trepidation and uncertainty at the moment, I know that "this too shall pass" eventually. At the same time, I know it will take as long as it takes. That is the part that drives me nuts is what it is though, and I have faith I will come out the other end a stronger, wiser soul! Thanks again for keeping the EM group are a rare soul in these parts! :)

Tom Kacmarynski

"Hi Amy I missed you in Omaha Health and Wellness. We were in OKC. I trust you are your usual great being of inspiration and Light, and all is well. Just wanted you to know I have been thinking of you and appreciating you. You are my inspiration.

Love and Light

"We Might be back - it depends on this OKC show. If it works out we will probably go there. I will know better closer to time. It's a tough decision because we've been going to Mancuso's BMS show for 12 years, and we miss seeing the beautiful friends we have made. You are my fav. I talked about you Sunday. Was in St. Louis. I have seen allot of color changes from last year. I guess it's because of the earth and universal changes that are taking place. Any way this gal was all red last year and this year she was blues, violets and turq. I told her about you, how your colors had changed so drastically one year then went back to your signature colors of blues Aqua, turq, When I asked what was going on with you you said a divorce. She lit up and said that is exactly what I was going through. So because of YOU I was able to explain her and share with her allot better. So you see you inspired and helped this little gal too - you do these things without even realizing, shoot you don't even have to be present. :) Happy to hear back from YOU Receiving your blessings and gratitude Sending them right back Love bunches


"A woman came to me feeling broken. She had been abused by her husband and later found him dead. Our first session she cried and she shook as she was still so disturbed and unable to get through day to day life. The second time we met she said I was a blessing in her life. She came bearing gifts for me representing our prior session. Her chosen gifts for me and reasons why included: White tissues as she sees more light in her life and path now. Chocolate because I told her it was beneficial and healing. Coca- Cola can with the word "hug" because I surprised her with a hug at the end that she desperately needed.

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